NBN Co forks out AU$180M for satellite stations

NBN Co has awarded contracts worth a total of AU$180 million for the construction of its 10 satellite ground-station facilities.

NBN Co has signed AU$180 million worth of contracts to construct the company's 10 satellite ground-station facilities in Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, and New South Wales.

Planned satellite station for Tasmania.
(Credit: NBN Co)

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy today announced, at the launch of iiNet's iiStore in Perth , that WA construction firm Perkins has been commissioned to build four ground stations based in Western Australia — of which only three locations have been announced so far.

Cockram Corporation has been picked to construct the remaining six stations in Geeveston, Tasmania , Ceduna, South Australia, Bourke and Woolooma, New South Wales, and Roma, Queensland , plus the one other station that is yet to be announced.

Conroy said that the construction phase of the ground stations will see up to 300 people employed, with between 20 and 30 required for each facility. NBN Co will recruit 60 people to manage the satellite service when it is up and running.

The satellite ground stations will be broadband-transmission centres that are intended to connect the 3 percent of premises in Australia that will not be connected via the National Broadband Network (NBN) fibre or fixed-wireless services, and will instead receive broadband services from the two KA-band satellites that NBN Co plans to launch, prior to services coming online in 2015.