NDConnect, plagued by unreliability, prepares for switch to Fusion

After Oracle purchase of PeopleSoft, transition makes sense, university IT says.

The North Dakota University system, which has come under criticism lately due to its faulty ConnectND system, has decided on an upgrade which may help the transition to Oracle Fusion, reports the Grand Forks Herald.

Laura Glatt, university system vice chancellor for administrative affairs, said that since Oracle bought PeopleSoft and will eventually stop supporting PeopleSoft products, it's a good time to upgrade the system.

Although the switch to Fusion is not official, the upgrade to a newer version of the PeopleSoft program makes it likely that NDU will adopt Fusion in the near future.

"This will create a smooth transition to Fusion, should we choose to go that way," Glatt said.

Glatt hopes that the system upgrade will fix some of the recurring problems with the current ConnectND system. According to students and university staffers, the system is unreliable. It reportedly locked up during student registration this fall.

The new Fusion system would likely take about as much work as the original transition to ConnectND, siad Glatt. She said the process of upgrading the PeopleSoft system would not be on that scale but would "not be insignificant."