NDTV already has an app for Windows 8

Microsoft's video introducing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview build confirmed the existence of an NDTV app for Windows 8 tablets.

Earlier today, Microsoft inched another step closer to their iPad competitor. Windows division president—Steven Sinofsky—announced the availability of Windows 8 Consumer Preview at the ongoing Mobile World Congress. CNET's Roger Cheng is live blogged the event and ZDNet's Ed Bott has an extensive write-up (and an image gallery) on the new Consumer Preview build.

Kent Walter from Microsoft published an article on the Windows Team Blog detailing what was announced today and shared some videos demonstrating Windows 8. In one of the videos (video 02), Jensen Harris from the Windows team scrolled through the apps on his Windows 8 tablet and I spotted the NDTV tile. A news app from a leading Indian news source mentioned in the Consumer Preview is promising. It means that Microsoft is concentrating on local apps globally and that India will have local apps when the Windows 8 tablets finally reach India.

NDTV has an app for the iPad and has two apps for Windows Phone 7 in the marketplace:

  1. NDTV
  2. NDTV Good Times

During the demo Harris did not launch the NDTV app.