Nebula claims Cosmos 1.3 offers the fastest time to OpenStack

Many suppliers engaged with the OpenStack community are claiming that their approach, products and services are the best way to use OpenStack as a foundation of cloud computing projects.

A while ago, I had the opportunity to speak with Gordon Stitt, Nebula CEO and Chairman, and Huy Nguyen, Nebula Senior Director of Product Marketing, about the release of Nebula Cosmos (v1.3).

The company's goal was making OpenStack a "turnkey product" that is ready for enterprises rather than a computer science project. Nebula claims that they are offering "the fastest time to OpenStack." Nebula hopes to make it possible for these enterprises to create OpenStack-based on- and off-premise clouds without also requiring them to become experts in dealing with open source communities.

What Nebula has to say about Nebula

Cosmos provides a straightforward way for enterprises to achieve the cost and simplicity benefits of private cloud within the enterprise - without the huge upfront investment in people, time, and expertise that typically come with an OpenStack deployment. With Nebula's latest announcement, enterprises can decouple cost from scale and have a true turnkey OpenStack private cloud. Cosmos 1.3 features include: Fast and accessible deployment: industry-first to offer VLAN model within OpenStack private cloud Simple and secure management: granular identity and access management with enhanced LDAP and active directory integration Secure monitoring: enterprises can use existing IT tools to monitor performance data of compute, storage, and network resources within the OpenStack private cloud

Snapshot analysis

Nebula is one of a number of suppliers that have selected OpenStack as a platform for their products and services. Others, including eNovance, Dell, HP, IBM, Mirantis, Piston, Red Hat and SUSE, have also thrown their hats into the ring.

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Each of these suppliers is doing its best to rebrand OpenStack and persuade the industry to think of them when OpenStack is mentioned rather than thinking about the open source communities or other suppliers involved in this increasingly competitive market.

Nebula is playing the "turnkey" card and is trying to present the image that it is the best choice for enterprises just wanting to get down to the business of provisioning, installing and using OpenStack based clouds. Although the company presents this as unique, eNovance, Mirantis and Piston are singing a similar song.

Is Nebula the best choice for your organization? That all depends upon your organization's needs, level of expertise and whether one of the other OpenStack suppliers, such as Dell, HP, IBM, Red Hat or SUSE, is already a preferred suppler.