NEC helps Taiwan with SaaS-based disaster info system

Japanese IT vendor will be in charge of the apps deployed on the Interior Ministry's data centers, and will help integrate the different disaster information systems into a centralized one.

NEC will help Taiwan integrate disaster prevention systems and provide coverage throughout the island.

NEC on Wednesday said it clinched the Taiwan government's tender to deploy a cloud-based disaster and emergency information system using its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.

In a statement yesterday, the Japanese IT vendor said the system is for the National Fire Agency, which is under the care of Taiwan's Interior Ministry. It aims to enhance information sharing across the island and facilitate rapid decision-making and on-site support for disaster response, it explained.

NEC, which will be in charge of SaaS applications deployed on the Ministry's data centers, said in the past, servers and software used for uploading data to Taiwan's central disaster information system were installed and operated by each municipality.

With is SaaS apps, these will make it possible to integrate the different disaster prevention systems and provide coverage throughout the island, it noted.  

This is the first time NEC is building such a system outside of its domestic market, it noted.

Using cloud computing services to disseminate disaster information is relatively new. Industry watchers previously told ZDNet Asia that Asian countries were tapping 4G LTE neworks and meshing technology for better coverage and interoperability , but stressed a robust network is necessary to withstand the spike in network traffic and potential destruction of submarine and terrestrial cables during disasters.