Need a one petabyte mobile plan? EE has one for £8m

EE's is launching new 4G mega bundles with up to 1PB of data.

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EE lets hipsters have first taste of 300Mbps LTE-Advanced, 4G's even faster successor EE lets hipsters have first taste of 300Mbps LTE-Advanced, 4G's even faster successor While an LTE-A pilot is going live in Tech City next month, civilians will have to wait at least a year to give the new network a go.

EE has announced a new set of huge 4G plans for businesses with data allowances that go up to 1 petabyte, aimed at enterprises and broadcasters.

The UK carrier has launched the packages, known as Super Bundles, with 50TB, 100TB, 200TB, 500TB or 1PB data bundles, with pricing of £8 per GB.

EE says it won't put expiry dates on the data bundles and that businesses can add new SIMs at will, meaning companies could share the data allowances between a large number of users.

The operator estimates that 2,500 users on a 3G service would typically use up to 200TB over a three-year period, which it etsimates would rise to 600TB on a 4G servuce.

EE is also hoping it will draw high bandwidth customers, such as broadcasters, to the service, which would otherwise rely on satellite. EE reckons it can undercut satellite provider pricing, which it estimates costs £20 per GB data to transfer data. So, consuming a petabyte, it says a broadcaster could save £12m.

Swedish carrier Telia has also been promoting its 4G service as an alternative to satellite, taking its own 4G film crews to events like Eurovision 2013, which was hosted in Malmö this year. (The main broadcasting event though still relied on satellite, however.)

Swedish TV network TV4’s film crews broadcasted live video footage of the Sweden's royal wedding in 2010 using Telia's 4G dongles.

EE began trialilng LTE-Advanced this week , which offers theoretical download speeds of up to 300Mbps. However, it's currently only available to a handful of pilot customers, and won't be rolled out commercially until next year.

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