Need a server? Here's how to set up your own--for free

Web, FTP, and e-mail servers aren't just for big, rich companies. ZDNet Downloads' Preston Gralla points out three downloads that'll turn your PC into a server capable of handling heavy duty applications.

Internet servers aren't just for the big guys, the humongous Web sites, and the big ISPs. Anyone with a computer can turn it into a Web server, an FTP server, or an e-mail server. All it takes is the right software.

And ZDNet Asia Downloads has the right software for anyone who wants their computer to do duty as a server. Not only that, you won't have to spend big bucks to do it. In fact, you won't have to spend a penny, since these three server programs are all free.

Cerberus FTP Server allows for multiple FTP connections and uses very little CPU power and memory. It'll resume broken file transfers, it's a breeze to use, and it can even create FTP logs for you. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

Apache is one of the most popular pieces of Web server software on the Internet--countless sites, including many big ones, use this freebie. It takes a bit of work to get this up and running, so a techie will probably fare better than a dabbler. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

ArGoSoft Mail Server is both a POP3 and SMTP server. It takes up only about 1MB of disk space, and it'll support an unlimited number of mail accounts. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

Why let the big boys and girls of the Internet have all the fun? You can run your own Net servers without spending a penny.