Need feedback? Former Salesforce execs tackle mobile surveys

After a private beta with more than 1,000 companies, goes public with a platform that rethinks the online survey process.

How many times have you been reminded this week that "this is the era of the customer?" That encouraging a steady stream of feedback is vital for keeping your product or service fresh, innovative and ahead of the competition?

Several executives are -- two of whom sold their search-marketing business to the CRM giant in 2006 -- are rethinking online surveys with a new company called

The service has been in a private beta test since January 2013 with about 1,000 companies, including Dropbox, LinkedIn, The North Face, and Appirio. Now, it's being released more broadly to other businesses.

What's the big difference between this and the seemingly ubiquituous SurveyMonkey?

For one, it's focused on making the mobile survey-taking experience far simpler: it figures at least 40 percent of all online surveys are opened on some sort of mobile gadget. That mean rethinking the sorts of fonts used, screen sizes, the background images, imagery and video options, and so on. 

"The world has changed," said Narinder Singh, co-founder and CMO of cloud integrator Appirio. "Our customers and our employees are on-the-go, and need to connect with them wherever they are, on every device. delivers a killer experience and higher response rates, allowing us to make the critical decisions we need to grow our business."

Pricing for the service range from $20 per month for surveys requiring up to 100 responses or $125 per month for those requiring up to 10,000 responses. 

If those prices sound too rich for your bank account, you might also want to check out a beta service from SurveyAct, which is explicitly focused on small businesses.

Greg Nevius, marketing coordinator with Enhanced Management Services, a 50-person company in Pennsylvania that provides billing services for ambulance operators, used SurveyAct to gather feedback on his new mobile app. The service allowed Nevius to add his company's branding (a big consideration), and it provided multiple branching and page jumping capabilities, depending on how respondents answered certain questions. 

"The reporting capabilities are very robust and we were able to make the survey look smarter," Nevius added. His response rate was also higher than usual (compared with his past experiences with survey companies), about 20 percent.