Need two Safari windows on an iPad? Try Sidefari

This $0.99 app for iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 lets you view and interact with two web pages at the same time using the Safari View Controller in iOS 9.

Split Screen views on the latest iPads are helpful, but not so much when it comes to web browsing. You can't, for instance, have two different sites open and viewable in the native iOS browser.

A $0.99 app called Sidefari fixes that problem by taking advantage of the Safari View Controller in Apple's mobile operating system.


I read about Sidefari on iMore and immediately spend the buck to install it on my iPad Pro. Until now, I was opening web pages in both Safari and Google Chrome for side-by-side webpage viewing but Sidefari does the trick.

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The app isn't a full, standalone browser, meaning you can't type web addresses into it.

Instead, using the native Share feature of iOS 9, you can send a web address to Sidefari, which opens up that page in a side window. You can view it in either Slide Out mode - where it takes up about one quarter of your iPad screen - or in Split Screen view, which shows two equally sized apps on the display at once.

Sidefari does support link navigation on pages, of course, so you can still browse around in it from a web page.

I'm already finding the app useful and worth the price even though it's more of a web page viewer than a full-fledged browser.

I can easily have a webpage open for research and reading on one side of my iPad's screen while using the other one for writing or other purposes. Safari, of course, supports multiple web page tabs but you can't actually view more than one tab at a time; Sidefari removes that limitation.

The app also includes your browsing history within it, so you can easily go back to previously viewed pages. And because it works with Apple's iOS 9 extension systems, you can send web pages to Sidefari from apps other than Safari as well.

Sidefari is available in the iTunes App Store and is compatible with the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4.

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