Neighbors shut down data center operating since 2012

Local Paris residents claim they weren't consulted on the data center project.

In a somewhat surprising decision the Administrative Court of the Paris suburb of Montreuil ruled against data center operator Interxion and its PAR7 data center and pulled the facility's license to operate. Interxion had received planning permission to open the data center in 2012. The neighborhood group, operating under the name Urbaxion '93, claimed that this type of facility should not be built in a residential area.

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The 50,000 sq ft data center supports 76 MW of capacity, with eight diesel backup generators and over a half million liters of fuel stored onsite. While the administrative court decision was based solely on the noise caused by the operation of the backup generators and refrigeration systems, the neighborhood group also took exception to the amount of power the data center used, stating that it was equivalent to a town of 50,000 people.

Other complaints included the storage of the diesel fuel onsite, and the general statement that such facilities should not be built near residential areas. The local area is also known as the "Data Valley" of Paris, and published reports give the impression that Urbaxion '93 may not be done filing lawsuits.

While Interxion has two months to appeal the decision, and has not yet publicly commented on the ruling, it would seem that directly addressing the issues that caused the court to withdraw their license might allow them to reopen the facility, though it seems that the neighbors will be unlikely to allow any sort of compromise solution, such as those found when other data centers have had issues with noise or pollution from rarely used backup generators.