Net pioneer GeoCities finally laid to rest

Yahoo shut down GeoCities the site that offered a free platform for users to create their own Web sites during the dot-com boom. Yahoo paid $4.5 billion for it.

The closure of GeoCities marks the end of an era, as the Internet community says goodbye to the pioneering Web site creation and hosting service portal.

Yahoo shut down the site Monday, 10 years after it bought the Web property for almost US$3.6 billion in stock--though the value was later revised to US$4.5 billion.

The Internet giant in April posted a notice on the GeoCities site highlighting plans to take it down and not archive its content. The company advised users to save their content offline or move their pages to Yahoo's paid Web hosting service.

The loss of GeoCities, which provided for many a first foray into the world of self-publishing on the World Wide Web, sparked several efforts to preserve the portal. Nonprofit organization Internet Archive, which seeks to back up and make archived copies of sites online, announced a project dedicated to provide a "deep and thorough" archive of GeoCities' sites.

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