Net users are not nerds - Yahoo! UK

Internet search engine firm Yahoo! UK has revealed a survey which dispels the image of Internet users as lonely nerds that spend too long in front of their computers.

"The 'lonely nerd' stereotype is now invalid," Yahoo! UK said in the survey results. "Internet users are affluent, well-read adults with careers, homes and families who live life to the full."

The survey was conducted by Continental Research for Yahoo! UK and showed that 59 percent of the service's users are aged 25 to 44, 83 percent are part of households comprising two or more people, and 54 percent have families.

The average income for Yahoo! users in households of more than two people is £44,000, more than three times the national average.

According to the survey of 1,258 respondents, 85 percent use the Internet in the office and at home, 97 percent communicate by email, 73 percent use the Internet daily, and 59 percent spend at least six hours a week using the Internet.