NetApp, Amazon Web Services set hybrid cloud storage pact

In a nutshell, NetApp is offering gear that connects directly to Amazon Web Services (AWS) as customers blend storage infrastructure with the cloud.

NetApp is teaming up with Amazon Web Services to connect private cloud storage so it hooks up with public infrastructure more easily.

The news, which was launched with the Amazon Web Services re:Invent customer conference in Las Vegas, meshes well with the hybrid cloud movement. In a nutshell, NetApp is offering gear that connects directly to Amazon Web Services (AWS). In some respects, the two sides compete, but there is a solid set of joint customers wanting the channel-led products, said Tom Shields, head of cloud marketing at NetApp.

According to Shields, NetApp customers are increasingly looking to the public cloud for storage, data backup and resource allocation. Specifically, NetApp will have AWS-certified equipment that connects directly to EC2 compute and S3 storage.

Tim Donovan, NetApp's service provider architect, said the NetApp-AWS connection points are bidirectional. The NetApp gear is on premise and the router connected to AWS is configured by the customer.

Here are the integration points:



Under that arrangement, NetApp sells its FAS systems and AWS pockets the storage revenue.

The use cases go something like this:

Hybrid clouds;
High-performance workloads;
Big data uses;
Compliance requirements while working in the public cloud;
Disaster recovery for mid-sized companies;
Mixing and matching cloud resources.

The AWS-NetApp integrated products are only sold through channel partners that sell both sides. "The target community for this is the NetApp installed base," said Shields. Avnet, a big distribution partner for NetApp, is pulling the integration together and setting pricing.

Shields added that the NetApp-AWS joint products will rollout in the U.S. and then EMEA and Asia Pacific soon.