NetApp eyes broader reach with OnCommand refresh

The company has updated its OnCommand management software for storage admins, allowing it to plug into tools from other firms
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor on

NetApp updated its OnCommand management software for storage admins on Tuesday.

OnCommand NetApp

NetApp has updated its OnCommand management software. Photo credit: NetApp

With the move, NetApp is allowing OnCommand to plug into cloud management tools from BMC Software, CA, IBM's Tivoli, Microsoft's SystemCenter, Cisco's NewScale and VMware, to name a few. The general idea for NetApp is to serve its storage admin customer base, but entrench itself with broader cloud management tools.

"We don't aim to win the single pane of glass war," said Chris Cummings, vice president of NetApp product and solution marketing. He added that storage admins are likely to use OnCommand as the rest of IT is managed through broader systems.

OnCommand's additions include a new unified management screen, service analytics and third-party software-as-a-surface (SaaS) support and orchestration.

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