NetApp intros Connect app for mobile access without VPN setup

NetApp is turning around some of the products included in its acquisition of ionGrid with a new mobile channel for data access.


NetApp is introducing a new product designed to address BYOD policies while hopefully satisfying IT security demands.

NetApp Connect is basically an app that is meant to offer mobile access to data stored on NetApp-branded storage systems.

Users can download, view and edit corporate documents (offline or online) directly from mobile devices running the Connect app. All documents should appear with "pixel-perfect rendering," ensuring a seamless and more productive workflow.

The app is framed as the best of both worlds because it doesn't require a complex VPN setup or separate authentication configuration — both of which tend to annoy and/or frustrate many on-the-go employees.

At the same time, NetApp promises that all data remains secure because it is "completely on-premise."

Connect stems from NetApp's recent acquisition of enterprise software company ionGrid. That deal closed earlier this year .

Supported on iOS devices initially, NetApp Connect is now available to download. NetApp assures that the app will be released for other mobile platforms "soon."