NetBSD 3.0 unveiled

Brief: The project team claims that 'far reaching' improvements to the NetBSD network stack have made the open source operating system more suitable for use as a VPN gateway

The latest version of the NetBSD operating system offers a number of improvements, including additional networking functionality and support for Intel's SpeedStep technology, according to developers working on the open source project. 

"Far reaching improvements to the network stack will not only provide better performance but also make NetBSD an excellent choice for a VPN gateway," said the project team, when NetBSD 3.0 was released last week.

NetBSD 3.0 also includes support for Intel's SpeedStep technology. This allows laptop users to achieve power savings by dynamically adjusting processor voltage and core frequency.

More information on the features in NetBSD 3.0 can be found on the NetBSD Web site.