NetComm Wireless announces industrial IoT router

NetComm Wireless' new industrial Internet of Things router comes with dual-band Wi-Fi, support for 300Mbps LTE, and a cloud-based remote device manager.

Australian communications equipment company NetComm Wireless has announced the launch of a 4G Cat 6 industrial Internet of Things (IoT) router, the NTC-400.

The router comes with dual-band Wi-Fi in addition to its 300Mbps LTE speeds with support for multiple spectrum bands, as well as a cloud-based remote device manager (RDM) platform that allows for real-time analytics, monitoring, profile updates, inventory reports, and reporting on failed tasks and connections.

According to NetComm, the router is "specially engineered to connect and manage some of the most bandwidth-intensive industrial and in-vehicle IIoT applications", including 4K displays, fleet management, and surveillance.

"The NTC-400 series is engineered to increase operational efficiencies and reduce some of the costly environmental and downtime risks that industrial IoT sectors deal with," NetComm Wireless COO Timo Brouwer said.

"And our cloud-based remote device management platform adds another level of efficiency, with live visibility and smart network management."

The router also contains gigabit Ethernet ports, a serial port, and a USB port.

"I/O ports allow users to read sensors or remotely control equipment such as lights, meters, or pumps; and its ignition sense capability and wide input voltage range makes it ideal for vehicular applications," NetComm Wireless added.

NetComm has been focused on launching new products of late, last month announcing its 1Gbps-capable intelligent 4G fixed-wireless outdoor device, which it said provides the "world's fastest LTE fixed-wireless broadband speeds".

The Intelligent Fixed Wireless Access unit (IFWA-600) is third-generation technology from NetComm, and is set to be used on the National Broadband Network (NBN) fixed-wireless network later in 2018.

A network-grade LTE CAT 16 device, the IFWA-600 provides support for global frequency-division duplex (FDD) and time-division duplex (TDD) 4G bands, including the 3.5GHz band for shared wireless broadband in the US.

This followed NetComm in December unveiling the world's first fibre-to-the-curb/distribution point (FttC/DP) network connection device (NCD), which incorporates a and VDSL modem and is able to monitor and report diagnostics on the performance of the line going into a premises. It is used in conjunction with NetComm's FttC distribution point unit (DPU), and includes a reverse-power feed allowing the DPU to be powered via the customer's premises.

NetComm last month reported record financial results for the first half of FY18, announcing AU$88.6 million in revenue, up 89 percent, and a jump in earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortisation (EBITDA) from AU$681,000 to AU$9.2 million, citing its contracts with NBN.

The company's M2M business more than doubled in revenue, from AU$36.6 million to AU$75 million, while EBITDA in its broadband business jumped from AU$139,000 to AU$1 million.

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