Netflix accidentally bills Australian customers multiple times

Some Australian users of streaming video service Netflix have reported being charged up to 13 times for their monthly's subscription.

Some Australian users of streaming video service Netflix have reported being billed up to 13 times by the company for one month's worth of subscription fees.

Users complained about the charges on Twitter, the company's Facebook page, Reddit, and Whirlpool on Monday about the duplicate charges.

"I just got charged 8 times for Netflix," one user posted on Whirlpool.

"ANZ ... told me that theres definitely 8 transactions made by Netflix and I need them to send a fax to reverse the said disputed charges."

"If you use Netflix Australia you might want to look over your bank statement. Being charged four times in a month seems excessive, no?" another user tweeted.

Another user reported that almost AU$200 was taken out of her account by the company.

A reader informed ZDNet that they had 13 pending charges on their bank account from Netflix.

The company had responded to posts on Facebook stating customers would only be billed once and Netflix was working to resolve billing issues.

A spokesperson for Netflix told ZDNet that the issue had been resolved but it could take days before customers will need to wait days before the authorisations for the over-billing would be dropped from their bank accounts.

"We are aware a small percentage of Australian and New Zealand members experienced multiple credit card authorisations for monthly billing. The issue has been resolved. While no extra money was withdrawn from users' accounts, it may take several days for the authorisations to drop from users' bank accounts," the spokesperson said.

"Members may contact Netflix customer service if they have additional issues. We regret any inconvenience related to the problem."

It comes as the Australian government is introducing legislation to seek to apply the 10 percent goods and services tax to sales to Australian customers from companies not based in Australia, such as Netflix.

There is no way of forcing the companies to comply and apply GST, but Treasurer Joe Hockey has said that he has received assurances from Netflix and other foreign online services that they will be able to add GST onto sales.