Netflix, DirecTV achieve membership 'milestones'

Digital streaming has shown how popular it is with record subscriber numbers for both Netflix and DirecTV.

Satellite television is still proving to be a solid and worthy competitor for the living room as DirecTV now retains 30 million subscribers.

DirecTV representatives noted in a statement that the now successful entertainment source was once just "an upstart satellite TV venture that few thought would survive in a world dominated by cable companies when it launched in 1994."

Although DirecTV in the United States has "reported customer gains for 60 consecutive quarters," CEO Mike White attributes much of the recent rise in the subscriber base to its international expansion:

With our business continuing to explode in Latin America, we expect to sustain that momentum by taking advantage of our scale, appealing to the young and rapidly growing middle market of consumers and leveraging the advanced technology we’ve developed in the U.S..

On a slightly smaller scale yet still impressive, Netflix Canada surpassed one million members in July. And just like those old-school, millionth customer promotions, one lucky resident of Manitoba won a lifetime membership for Netflix when she became the one millionth subscriber.

The online rental and streaming service became available in Canada just under one year ago in September 2010.  However, Canadian subscribers only have the option of digital streaming -- no red envelopes just yet.

Netflix recently announced that it hit 25 million subscribers worldwide (thus, the United States and Canada) after surpassing 23.6 million just in the first quarter. That number has the potential to fluctuate, possibly even dip, due to subscription price hikes, but the fuss about that is likely overkill. Overall membership will soon skyrocket once Netflix launches in Latin America.