Netflix further boasts improvements on Comcast this April

Comcast didn't crack the top 10 on Netflix's monthly ISP Speed Index, but that will almost certainly change by April.


Netflix and Comcast recently came to terms in a widely-reported deal, the fruits of which should become evident to consumers very soon.

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Netflix just released the figures for its monthly Internet Service Provider speed and performance update. Comcast didn't crack the top five, placing at 11th.

A two-spot improvement sequentially, but there is still some work cut out for mass media conglomerate.

Readers only casually familiar with Netflix (subscribers or not) might be surprised considering the recent hubbub about the online rental giant and the cable company trying to merge with Time Warner, which ranked fifth on its own.

But don't worry as that's all about to change.

Under the agreement hammered out in February , Netflix will gain direct access to Comcast's broadband network -- an arrangement that could become the model for the first of many to follow for the digital streaming company .

Acknowledging that there wasn't much of a flux in North American ISP index rankings in February, Netflix communications director Joris Evers touted in a blog post on Monday that the company expects to see "Comcast’s performance improve in the rankings next month" as a result of the deal.

However, Evers refrained from offering a more specific forecast than that.

For reference, the Netflix ISP Speed Index covers the user experience for more than 44 million Netflix members worldwide  and counting. The Los Gatos, Calif.-based company asserted that its user base now streams over one billion hours of digital content on a monthly basis.

Evers also noted that Netflix extended its list of domestic ISPs to account for the top 60.

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