Netflix to roll out Profiles feature later this summer

Tired of getting Netflix recommendations intended for your spouse or kids? The company is working on a solution.

Netflix has confirmed that it is currently testing a Profiles feature on its service, allowing multiple users to share a single Netflix account. The Profiles feature is currently being tested on a limited number of Apple TV users, with a larger rollout planned for later this summer.

Profiles would enable Netflix to track, for instance, each member of a family's viewing history, providing each person with personalized recommendations. This will likely also allow the company to refine its data collection based on age and interests -- currently that data is likely skewed when several different viewing habits are present on the same account. Kids under age 12 automatically get a G-rated profile.

According to Mashable, we should expect to see Profiles roll out on PS3, Wii, Xbox, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and others by September 21, the last day of summer. Netflix has teased the Profiles feature at consumer electronics shows in January and June of this year.

Netflix is also testing the feature on global accounts; the wide release this summer is expected to be international. The company currently has 38 million subscribers who view a billion hours of video content every month.

Photo: Netflix

via: Mashable

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