Netflix launches open source project ready for Amazon, Google clouds

Additional deployment support for Microsoft Azure was said to be "actively underway," according to Netflix.


Netflix kicked off the week by launching Spinnaker, its new open source project developed in partnership with Google, Microsoft and Pivotal.

Spinnaker has already been in development for more than a year now as a replacement to Asgard, Netflix's previous model for managing Amazon Web Services cloud resources.

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Netflix, an AWS customer, elaborated on the Asgard shutdown in September.

Spinnaker is being touted by the online video giant as a Continuous Delivery platform based in open source for releasing software changes.

A big difference, Netflix reps stressed is that Spinnaker is a multi-cloud platform upon which engineers can run deployments across two cloud providers simultaneously.

"Spinnaker facilitates the creation of pipelines that represent a delivery process that can begin with the creation of some deployable asset (such as an machine image, Jar file, or Docker image) and end with a deployment," explained Andy Glover, manager of delivery engineering at Netflix, explained in a blog post on Monday.

Rick Buskens, an engineering manager at Google, added in a separate blog post that these pipelines can be reused across workflows.

Along with Google Cloud Platform, Spinnaker also supports the deployment and management of clusters on AWS and Cloud Foundry.

Support for Microsoft Azure was said to be "actively underway," according to Netflix.

Described as an out-of-the-box setup, Spinnaker is accessible on GitHub now. Netflix clarified there is no need to migrate assets between Asgard and Spinnaker as all changes are compatible between both platforms.

Image via Netflix