Netmagic opens India's largest data center

The new facility is NetMagic's 9th in the country.

Competing for the distinction of the largest data center in India, NetMagic, under its brand name "Nexcenter", has opened its 9th Indian data center in the city of Mumbai. This 300,000 sq ft facility almost doubles the amount of floor space that NetMagic can offer to its local customers, bringing its total capacity across the nine data centers to over 600,000 sq ft.


The latest data center in the NetMagic portfolio supports 2700 racks with 28 MVA of facilities power available via dual PDU feeds. High-density support is available with 20 KVA per rack power standard and greater power available. Four carrier neutral fiber paths are available for customers allowing redundancy and the user's choice of carrier.

Availability is enhanced by multiple battery UPS systems backed up by diesel gensets fed from four underground tanks containing more than 50,000 gallons of diesel. NetMagic is guaranteeing no less than 48 hours of uptime on full backup power load.

Along with the launch of the new data center, NetMagic is announcing the availability of new services; Virtual Private Cloud, Virtual Load Balancer as a Service and Next-Gen Backup and Archival Services. NetMagic itself is owned by NTT Communications which operates over 140 data centers worldwide.