NetMarketShare: XP finally eroded to sub 50 percent level, Chrome closing in on Firefox

Windows 7 en route to becoming dominant OS. Chrome en route to becoming #2 browser.

Windows XP has finally been eroded to sub 50% levels by Windows 7 and Google Chrome is closing the gap on Mozilla's Firefox browser, according to web metrics firm NetmarketShare.

Windows XP has been pushed to the sub 50% mark by its younger brother, Windows 7. Extrapolating the data out, I'd say that Windows 7 will finally beat XP by the end of January 2012.

Note: According to another web metric firm, StatCounter, Windows 7 has already overtaken XP.

Also, according to the data, Windows Vista is still languishing in single digits.

When it comes to browsers, there's no serious change there. The only data point of interest is watching Google Chrome edge closer and closer to Mozilla Firefox.

Based on this data, if Mozilla doesn't start to rev up some new interested in its browser, Chrome will overtake it in under six months.


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