Netscape delivers taste of Extranet vision

Netscape's Networked Enterprise vision entered the real world yesterday when the company unveiled its first phase Extranet product Netscape Insight.

Designed to deliver information and resources to the Netscape community of products, Netscape Insight is intended to utilise the features of its client software Communicator as well as its server software, SuiteSpot.

"Netscape Insight marks a key milestone for Netscape in demonstrating our vision of the Networked Enterprise," said Mike Homer, senior vice president of marketing at Netscape. "For the first time Netscape will be sharing confidential product and sales information within a protected environment with large numbers of key partners and customers."

Netscape Insight is being rolled out in several phases with this, the first phase, making information available to Netscape employees and channel partners. The product will be rolled out to other groups such as Netscape customers and suppliers in the fourth quarter of this year.