Netsuite adds CA Technologies to two-step authentication

The firm has struck a deal to bring NetSuite's two-step authentication to customers using its CA Arcot WebFort product

NetSuite announced on Wednesday that it is bringing CA Technologies' two-factor authentication to its customers through the CA Arcot WebFort security package.

NetSuite's scheme pairs a cryptographic token (on the Open Authentication, or Oath, standard) with the conventional username/password combination — or as it likes to say, something you "have" plus something you "know". In practice, an administrator assigns the tokens to employees based on their roles. Once activated, the user will see a one-time, automatically generated key that is entered each time he or she logs in.

The company says the deal helps it offer enterprise-level security as a service across ERP, CRM and e-commerce.

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Editor’s note: The original version of this story indicated that CA Technologies was adding NetSuite authentication; it’s the other way around. We regret the error.

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