NetSuite launches Android app as enterprise vendors close iOS gap

NetSuite's native Android app provides access to expense, inventory, sales and e-commerce data with a broad rollout planned for 2015.

NetSuite on Monday launched its native Android application in a sign that enterprise software vendors are starting to get around to closing the iOS gap.


The cloud enterprise resource planning company's native Android app will allow access to NetSuite's ERP, customer relationship management and e-commerce software. NetSuite for Android was demonstrated in London at its SuiteConnect conference in London.

NetSuite for Android will allow access to orders, customer service calls, inventory levels, e-commerce sales, manufacturing and other corporate data.

In the big picture, NetSuite is the latest enterprise cloud vendor to launch native applications on Android. Last week, Workday announced that it would revamp its mobile interface on Android in 2015. Enterprise software vendors are realizing that Android is becoming more of a corporate platform and HTML5 apps only go so far. 

Typically, enterprise vendors have focused on Apple's iOS platform, which has more traction in corporations courtesy of the iPhone and iPad. Like consumer applications, Android plays second fiddle in launches. For instance, Salesforce's analytics cloud app launched first on iOS. 

NetSuite said its Android app will be available in Google Play in December with a full rollout in early 2015. Key features include:

  • Dashboard synchronization with metrics, trends and scorecards. 
  • Record support. 
  • Approval of sales orders and expense reports. 
  • Calendar management.
  • Time and expense management. 
  • Localization and swipe action support.