NetSuite overhauls UI, launches B2B customer center

The key theme throughout NetSuite's upgrade agenda this week is "customization."


SAN JOSE — For current NetSuite users, the most obvious change being unveiled at SuiteWorld 2014 this week is likely the facelift bestowed on the user interface.

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Promising a more engaging (not to mention faster) experience, the new NetSuite UI has been described by its makers as abandoning the "Microsoft Windows desktop metaphor of the era and moved applications into the world of the web."

This translates to a "flat design," following a path already blazed by iOS 7 among other familiar interfaces, while also touted to leverage HTML5.

Boasting a completely new aesthetic, the new NetSuite UI features run the gamut from basic upgrade (i.e., new icons, a slimmer anchored navigation toolbar) to considerable leaps forward, such as a new dashboard that can be optimized by individual users along with a "progressive disclosure," which keeps actions hidden until mouseover with the idea of maintaining a cleaner look onscreen.

The new user interface is scheduled to roll out during the third quarter as part of NetSuite’s 2014.2 release.

The San Mateo, Calif.-based company also unveiled plans to expand its SuiteCommerce e-commerce channel for B2C and B2B clients with a brand new B2B Customer Center.

The self-service customer portal was designed to provide transaction data to both buyers and sellers from virtually anywhere, anytime.

Presented on another customizable dashboard, this data includes transaction history, outstanding and available balances, deposits, credit limits, and other memos. Users can also update account data from this portal.

The B2B Customer Center is available immediately for customers using NetSuite SuiteCommerce.

More to come...

Screenshot via NetSuite