Netuitive and predictive analytics

Preventing system and application problems before they occur.

A Kusnetzky Group client, Netuitive, just launched a very interesting product. It learns from the environment and helps IT administrators not only know what is going on in today's very complex computing environments, it also goes on to predict issues so that they can be addressed long before they become problems.

What Netuitive has to say

Netuitive, Inc., which provides the leading IT analytics platform for cloud management, today announced plans for the industry’s first predictive IT analytics platform for end-to-end analysis of performance and capacity management in the cloud.

Underpinning the new platform, Netuitive is preparing to roll out Integration Studio, an open development environment that enables customers to plug in data streams from any monitoring source. Data is collected and normalized in Netuitive’s integration hub, analyzed by Netuitive’s predictive IT analytics software powered by Behavior Learning technology, with actionable outputs delivered based on the analysis.

Central to this are APIs enabling integration with configuration management databases, incident management, and programmatic administration of users security and policies.

Integration Studio will complement Netuitive’s broad portfolio of standard integrations with leading monitoring tools from companies such as VMware, BMC, CA, Compuware, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, NetIQ, Oracle, TeamQuest, Infovista, and others.

Netuitive’s automated collection and analysis, when combined with unlimited data integration possibilities, will be the industry’s first and most comprehensive IT analytics platform for end-to-end cloud management. Key capabilities currently in the platform along with those being added progressively include:

  • Integration Studio [Q4] – Input real-time performance and capacity data from any system or application
  • Trusted Triggers [Q3] - Intelligence for autonomic computing (dynamic resource provisioning and right-sizing of infrastructure - cloud service governor)
  • Enhanced Virtual Data Center Dashboard [Q2] - Gain real time, multi-tier visibility into infrastructure performance
  • Capacity Analysis – Understand and optimize utilization of existing resources
  • Automated Diagnostics – Correlate behavior and isolate root cause across IT silos
  • Predictive Analytics - Forecast problems 2+ hours before users are impacted

Using its patented Behavior Learning EngineTM, Netuitive software replaces manual, rules-based approaches with statistical analysis that automatically correlates and self-learns the operational behavior of IT systems and applications. It then forecasts issues before they impact performance and isolates root cause wherever a problem occurs.

Snapshot analysis

It has long been known that today's distributed, multi-tier applications, that may be hosted on physical, virtual or cloud-based systems, have surpassed the ability for any human to track or manage in real time.

Many suppliers of management technology have addressed the issue. Quite often IT administrators are required to teach the products about the system configurations, network configuration and configuration of each of the application frameworks, database management tools, etc. used to create the application. These tools often gather enormous amounts of run time data and present it in tables or graphs. A few attempt to apply levels of automated intelligence, something Netuitive calls "predictive analytics," to seek out issues and help administrators destroy the problems before they happen.

Interesting stuff.


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