Netuitive offers IBM Tivoli users behavior learning technology

Netuitive integrates its behavior learning technology into IBM Tivoli management framework.

Datacenters are very complex environments and are hard to manage for that very reason. Netuitive, Inc. recently announced a new version of its software to help users of IBM's Tivoli management tools more easily understand what is really happening in the datacenter

How Netuitive describes their new product

Netuitive, Inc., which provides a self-learning analytics platform for cloud management, today announced a new integration with IBM Tivoli, a leading systems management tool for large enterprises.

The enhanced, native integration is perfectly aligned with all of Tivoli’s management features and significantly expands the ability of Netuitive to scale to the size of the IBM Tivoli estate. IBM Tivoli customers can now better leverage Netuitive for automated performance and capacity management in virtualized and cloud environments.

Netuitive’s analytics platform uses patented Behavior Learning technology to replace manual, rules-based approaches with automated mathematics that self-learns the operational behavior of IT systems and applications. It allows enterprises to plug in and synthesize data streams from existing monitoring sources across silos through Netuitive’s analytics engine in real time. It forecasts issues before they impact performance and isolates root cause wherever a problem occurs. The result is improved service-level visibility, automated problem diagnostics and predictive analytics that enable organizations to manage their performance and capacity proactively and end-to-end.

The new, native IBM Tivoli integration joins Netuitive’s portfolio of leading IT monitoring tools already integrated with Netuitive. These include solutions from BMC, CA, Compuware, HP, Infovista, Microsoft, NetApp, NetIQ, Oracle, TeamQuest, VMware, and others.

Snapshot analysis

As workloads are increasingly built using distributed architectures in which some of the components are working in virtual or cloud environments, administrators often have trouble understanding what is really happening moment to moment.

The lack of real-time knowledge has broad ramifications for the organization. Since it is quite difficult to really know what is happening, the systems are often over provisioned so problems can be avoided. This approach is most certainly workable, it is also unnecessarily costly. Netuitive has developed a technology that learns from the data sources it monitors and helps IT administrators keep on top of what is happening. The company has integrated its technology with quite a few of the most important tools and management frameworks as well.

Those having a very complex IT infrastructure might gain great benefit from the use of Netuitive's technology.


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