Networking crashes bothering some OS X Mountain Lion users

Several developers say that customers running the new Mountain Lion version of Mac OS X are reporting crashes when connecting to network resources. The culprit appears to be found in Auto Proxy settings.

In a recent blog post, Daniel Jalkut, founder of Red Sweater Software, told of mysterious crashes when connecting to a network. It was happening to users of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. He said that while rare, he was sure the bug was being experienced by thousands of Mountain Lion users.

The tell-tale sign of this crash is it occurs only as the app attempts to connect to some network resource, and the crashing thread always culminates in some stack trace involving CoreSchedulingSet or EmptyCoreSchedulingSet C++ objects.

In an update, Jalkut said that after conferring with the tech support crew at Agile Bits  (the makers of the excellent 1Password utility), the issue likely relates to the Auto Proxy Discovery and Automatic Proxy Configuration checkbox settings in Network control panel. If either of these options are checked, users "may crash any number of other apps that rely on Apple’s networking libraries," he said.

Jalkut posted instructions here.

Likely, we will see a fix from Apple shortly for a bug like this.