Networks '97: FTP offers one view of all network directories

FTP Software is this week showing a product aimed at expunging the multiple directories nightmare.

Tenetatively named Directory Pump and scheduled to ship in September, the product allows network managers a single portal onto disparate directory structures.

"The way we see the directories war panning out is that there will be Microsoft with NT 5.0, Novell NDS, Netscape and the whole of the DNS IP world," said Peter Simkin, chief technology officer at FTP. "Our achievement is to have created unified view accessible from any Web browser to let managers see and move directories, without creating yet another [directory] like meta-directories. Managers want open, secure network management. This is changing the paradigm from a hardware and address-based world to a user-based world."

Simkin said that a recent survey suggested corporate IS managers each manage an average of 181 network directories.