Networks '98: Compaq remote access first

Compaq today announced what it claims is the industry's first 'open standards remote access family of servers'- moving towards its stated goal of becoming the industry's leader in the remote access market.

Based on Windows NT, the Compaq NT RAS (Remote Access Server) offerings provide analogue and digital connectivity for mobile users and come pre-installed with Windows NT Server 4.0 fitted with a choice of security enhancements geared to defend against unauthorised access.

Three models were announced at the Networks-telecom '98 conference in Birmingham's NEC: the RA5218 with eight analogue connections - aimed at mobile workers: the RA5414 with eight ISDN BRI ports for up to 16 connections and the RA5611 with one ISDN PRI port for up to 30 connections. The RA5611 can scale up to four PRI lines, with support for up to 120 connections. Prices are £4,695, £6,325 and £9,440 respectively.

Compaq is unashamedly waving its Microsoft NT flag with the launch "we're building on our strength as the number one server vendor to strive toward becoming number one in Windows NT-based remote access" says Simon Denman, RAS product manager at Compaq.

Compaq's concerted efforts in the RAS arena have been bolstered by a recent report from industry analyst Forrester Research in the U.S. which predicts "over 75 percent of companies worldwide plan to deploy a remote access infrastructure" and identifies mobile workforces as the principal driving forces behind the trend.

Compaq also announced a range of modems - first fruits of its Microcom acquisition.