Networks industry looks to the future

At Networks Telecom, Europe's biggest networking show, companies are picking up the pieces and searching for the next killer products. A ZDNet UK News Focus

Do you need a dedicated network monitor?
Tues 25 Jun:
If your network costs £100,000, Mutiny says you need a dedicated network monitor plugged into it Cheaper SAN switch and HBAs
Tues 25 Jun:
QLogic sees a big future in Fibre Channel, but admits that other protocols will eventually prevail Networks show drops telecoms, stays in Birmingham
Tues 25 Jun:
As telecoms loses its lustre, the long-running Networks show will return to an enterprise focus and contrary to rumour, the show is not coming to London's Docklands Networking card taps into powerlines
Tues 25 Jun:
Using the mains power circuit for networking homes is nothing new, but a £100 PCI card due out in September could create a new surge of interest Cisco extends optical range
Tues 25 Jun:
Despite the meltdown in optical service providers, Cisco is launching an optical switch as well as extending its products for optical networks in enterprises A bruised industry licks its wounds
Mon 24 Jun: The network industry, stung by recent problems for suppliers and service providers, is gathering in Birmingham. And despite the gloom there are some positive signs VPNs still set to fly high
Mon 24 Jun: Despite - or perhaps because of - the downturn, virtual private networks are still growing in popularity Tiny tool from Fluke
Mon 24 Jun: While voice is stretching networks, the tool supplier is shrinking testers into pockets - and came up with a positive spin on England's World Cup defeat COMMENTARY:
Telco-heads have won the war of the Net
There is no justice. The end of KPNQwest shows us that the old-fashioned telcos will win out over the upstart IP providers. Or does it, asks Peter Judge PREVIOUS COVERAGE:
Wireless is the word at TechXNY
Mon 24 Jun: The New York show will tap into the emerging craze for building wireless Internet access hot spots in public places Mobile firms urge caution on 3G
Wed 19 Jun: Wooing customers to next-generation mobiles will be a challenge, but there is no need for pessimism, say industry experts KPNQwest collapse hits European Internet
Tue 11 Jun: Europe's largest fibre-optic network, carrying one-quarter of the region's IP traffic, faces shutdown amid bankruptcy and accusations of shady business practices. A ZDNet UK News Focus
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