Networld+Interop: Bay catches IP fever

Bay Networks showed itself to be the latest company to catch IP fever at the Networld+Interop exhibition which ends tomorrow.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

The company detailed what it calls its IP Services strategy, an all-embracing approach that puts the IP protocol at the heart of Bay's products and services. What Bay calls Enabling Services - including directory services, traffic management, virtual public networks and security - were introduced yesterday with Application Services (multimedia, voice and fax over IP) and Interworking Services (migration tools) to follow.

Backing up the strategy, Bay announced its Routing Services version 12.0 and VPN Series 500 line of network security devices and services, remote client software and management tools.

"By implementing IP Services solutions, network managers are able to ensure adequate and predictable performance of mission critical applications by allowing networks to dynamically adapt to changing user or application requirements," said David House, chairman, president and CEO of Bay.

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