Never lose your keys again

These tracking devices will help you keep track of those pesky items you love to misplace.

Do you have a knack for misplacing things around the house? Keys, shoes, the TV remote? A recent indiegogo crowd funding project, which raised $931,970 - compared to its $70,000 goal - might be just what you need.

StickNFind, as the project is known, uses 'location stickers' - stickers that are 4.1mm thick and operate using Bluetooth 4.0 - that pair with an iPhone or Android app. The stickers can attach to anything you don't want to lose, and allows you to track the objects - provided they are within 100 feet.

The app lets see how far away the sticker is and make it produce a noise or flash a light. You can also receive an alert if the item goes outside of a certain range. Battery life is said to last about a year, and shipments are expected to begin in March.

Though the device's limited tracking range would make it fairly useless for tracking, say, a stolen bike, it can certainly be a helpful way to find items around the house - like, as StickNFind's site demonstrates, your pet. See their demonstration video for more on how the system works.

Photos: StickNFind

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