New 7th generation iPod nano is thinnest iPod ever

It seems that Apple likes to have fun modifying the iPod nano and changes the form factor, colors, and features of this line more than we see on the iPod touch or iPhone.

Apple revealed the iPhone 5 , iPod touch, and iPod nano today and I find it interesting that the iPod nano has seen so many radical design changes since its first release back in 2005. Today's iPod nano is the 7th generation and looks to be the best one yet (aren't they all the best one yet?). Let's take a quick walk down iPod nano memory lane.

iPod nano 1st generation


The first iPod nano took the iPod mini and shrunk it down while including a color display. It used the Click Wheel and flash memory with 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB models. It came in black and white with the headphone jack on the bottom next to the dock connector.

iPod nano 2nd generation


The 2nd generation iPod nano added a splash of color with silver, black, pink, green, blue and RED models. The form factor was similar to the first generation with the Click Wheel still in place.

iPod nano 3rd generation


The 3rd generaton nano was a radical departure in form factor and came in a short, wide form factor. The width was appreciated by owners because this was the first nano to support video playback. My youngest daughter still owns this model that launched in 2007 in five colors and two capacities (4GB and 8GB).

iPod nano 4th generation


The 4th generation nano went back to the longer, narrower form factor with a unique curved surface. It came in two capacities (8GB and 16GB) and nine different colors. We also found an accelerometer in the nano that had a Shake feature.

iPod nano 5th generation


I currently own an orange iPod nano 5th generation that had the same curved design of the 4th generation. It was made of aluminum and also was the first to include a camera adn microphone for video recording capability. It took lame still photos, but videos were quite good. There were two capacities (8GB and 16GB) and nine vibrant colors of this model.

iPod nano 6th generation


The 6th generation nano seemed to be more like a touchscreen shuffle than a nano as it went back to a very small form factor dominated by the touchscreen interface. There were six colors in two capacities (8GB and 16GB) and the camera from the 5th generation was removed.

iPod nano 7th generation


The new iPod nano again comes in a variety of seven colors, more pastel than the 5th and 6th generation and more like the 3rd and 4th generation. It is the thinnest iPod ever made and has a rather large 2.5 inch mult-touch display. It comes with Bluetooth so you can enjoy music and audio wirelessly. Nike+ is integrated so you can use it to workout, but unfortunately there is still no GPS receiver or camera included. The 16GB nano is priced at $149.