New AMD mobile chips dust Intel

Chip maker launches six processors, including a 475MHz K6-2-P.

Advanced Micro Devices on Monday stepped up mobile performance with a sextet of new notebook processors.

The chipmaker announced three new processors in each of its Mobile K6-III-P and K6-2-P families. The new mobile K6-III-P chips will run at 400MHz, 433MHz and 450MHz. They match and then outclock Intel's highest-speed mobile Pentium II chip by 33MHz and 50MHz, respectively. AMD's new K6-2-P chips will run at 433MHz, 450MHz and 475MHz, which bests Intel's speediest mobile Celeron by 15MHz.

While Gateway has reportedly stung AMD by phasing out the use of AMD chips in its PCs, in favour of Intel processors (See: Gateway deals a blow to AMD), Compaq Computer will continue to support AMD notebook chips. The new chips will be incorporated into Compaq's Prosignia 150 and Presario 1600 series, according to a statement released by AMD.

AMD says its new mobile AMD-K6-III-P 450MHz chip will cost $320 (£198), while the 433MHz will be $283 and the 400MHz chip $246. Its mobile AMD-K6-2-P 475MHz chip will cost $209, the 450MHz $189 and the 433MHz $159.

AMD says its new K6-III-P chips, with a 2.0-volt core, dissipate about 12 watts of power on average. The K6-2-P chips use slightly less power. The "P" designation stands for performance. Prices quoted are for 1000-unit quantities and actual pricing may vary.