New British software can trace stolen computers

WebDetect pinpoints hot PCs when they surf

Losing a computer should no longer be a problem for absent minded PC enthusiasts thanks to new Internet enabled tracing software launched this week by British company WebDetect.

Once the WebDetect software is installed, if it is ever reported stolen and then reconnected to the Internet or even to a fax-line, WebDetect headquarters will pinpoint it in an instant.

WebDetect can be installed from a CD, a floppy or downloaded from the WebDetect Web Site .

The cost is £49 per license and then £15 each year for guaranteed around-the-clock monitoring and there are discounts for bulk network-wide deals.

Managing director of WebDetect Howard Lester points out that the technology could benefit both the police and consumers. "Not only does WebDetect give the police a better chance of recovering stolen PCs, but it also increases the odds of recovering other items which might have be stolen at the same time."

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