New bundles mark Adobe's Macromedia merger

Brief: Having completed the takeover of Macromedia, Adobe has now started the job of mixing its product portfolio

Application developer Adobe completed its takeover of Macromedia on Monday, and promptly unveiled three software bundles for graphics designers.

The Adobe Design bundle contains Adobe's Creative Suite 2 Premium and Macromedia's Flash Professional 8. It costs £1,175 plus VAT — compared to paying a total of over £1,384 plus VAT for both products separately.

The Web bundle, costing £1,409 plus VAT, contains Creative Suite 2 Premium and Macromedia Studio 8 — which would cost £1,600 plus VAT in total. Both bundles are available from Adobe's Web site.

At third bundle, called the Adobe video bundle, has also been promised. Few details are available, though, apart that it will contain Macromedia Flash Professional and will ship in 2006.

Adobe's takeover of Macromedia was announced back in April, and sparked speculation that some products would be abolished once the merger was completed.