New collaboration and measurement tracking tools automate influencer management workflow

Influencers have a voice their audience trusts -- and influencer marketing reaches consumers in a way they appreciate. But influencer management can be a big a challenge for brands without workflow automation.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

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Brands want to measure influencer content across social networks and track actions such as impressions, shares, and conversion events driven by influencers.

They want to track when consumers click on links, download apps, or make a purchase as a result of a piece of influencer content.

Boston-based influencer marketing platform Mavrck has introduced a tool to help workflow automation of influencer content.

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Its macro-influencer workflow automation tool, which adds tracking pixels to influencer content and brand pages, enables its customers to track when consumers click on links, download apps, or make purchases as a result of influencer content.

The company claims to be the only influencer marketing platform that can measure influencer content actions and conversion events for brands.

Campaigns can be tracked and performance-based incentives can be matched to the best influencers across their campaigns.

All its influencers are viewed on a dashboard, enabling brands to quickly review whether an influencer is suitable for a brand's campaign

Los Angeles-based social entertainment company Fullscreen has acquired Influencer marketing platform Reelio to incorporate both an automation platform and AI into its influencer platform.

It will add integrated marketing services, influencer campaign management, and direct self-service transactions with creators.

Other brands -- such as Tapfluence -- provide workflow automation for its influencer programs, which lets brands identify relevant influencers for their campaigns.

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Consumers are more easily distracted than ever before. Prone to ad fatigue, they need insight from influencers they trust. Whether watching their favorite channel, browsing their social media feed, or searching for reviews.

Influencers are key to helping them, but brands that focus too heavily on platform automation tools could forget why influencer marketing is so successful -- and might lead to workflow automation fatigue.

Like the auto responder email turned us off 10 years ago, influencers are humans, and that is who consumers like to interact with today. Over automation of our social interactions will turn consumers away from the influencers.

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