New high-speed train to open in China

A new train will speed up travel between Beijing and Guangzhou from 20 hours to just eight.

Next month, China will unveil a new bullet train that will drastically reduce the travel time between two of its biggest cities.

The Beijing Morning Post reports that the new high-speed railway will decrease travel time between Beijing and Guangzhou to eight hours. Currently, the trip takes 20 hours to travel 1,425 miles (about the equivalent of traveling from Los Angeles to Dallas, which takes over 20 hours to drive).

Besides connecting the Chinese capital and one of its largest metropolitan areas to high-speed rail traveling between 124 and 217 miles per hour, the train will also connect to Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Shijiazhuang.

China currently has more than 4,000 miles of high-speed rail lines. That number is expected to jump to over 11,000 by 2015, connecting almost all of its cities with populations over 500,000.

Photo: Flickr/gmoorenator

[h/t China Daily]

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