New iPad-based POS solution aims at small grocery stores

Revel Systems has adapted its tablet point-of-sale technology for specialty and local food markets.

POS technology vendor Revel Systems is at it again: this time it has adapted is iPad-based point-of-sale system for small supermarkets and grocery stores.

The edition builds on the company's recent introduction for food trucks in mid-July . Key features include:

- Integration with Dwolla, a payment processing platform that doesn't charge anything for transactions less than $10 and only 25 cents per transaction above that amount; the system can also be integrated with the LevelUp payment platform.

- Connections to peripherals through the company's Revel Router, including Honewall scanners, Epson printers, cash drawers, food scales and so on

- The ability to import and export products quickly, so that priced can be changed on the fly

- Support for the Grocery Store application programming interface

- A customer-facing interface that allows the system to be used for self-checkout lanes.

- Real-time reporting for inventory control and employee scheduling

"We've seen so many great benefits of the system in the time we've had it live in our store," said Lawrence Capozzolo, head of IT for Marty's Market, a grocery store in Pittsburgh that is using the technology for its five checkout lanes. "With its now intuitive touchscreen interface, the iPad makes it so simple for our employees to learn so that we don't have to spends training them."

The license for the Revel Grocery software is $2,000 per seat, plus any hardware that might be necessary to set up the solution.


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