New iPad keyboard case update

The iPad 2 is a very thin tablet, and most third party cases are made to fit it precisely. The new iPad is slightly thicker than the iPad 2, and many are wondering if top cases will fit.

ZAGGfolio iPad 2 case

I am a fan of certain cases for the iPad with a keyboard, and have reported on three for the iPad 2 that I particularly like. The introduction of the slightly thicker new iPad leads to the question if these thin profile cases will work unmodified. I have thoroughly tested the three keyboard cases from my earlier shootout.

See: iPad 2 keyboard case shootout

The ZAGGfolio is my favorite keyboard case and given its snug fit for the iPad 2 I was concerned if it would work with the new iPad. The answer is: sort of. The new iPad can be inserted in the case and works OK. I've noticed the magnetics in the case that use the iPad technology to turn the tablet on and off is not reliable, probably due to not quite closing properly. The new iPad is very difficult to remove from the case for the same reason.

I spoke with ZAGG and they are modifying the ZAGGfolio to work with both the iPad 2 and new iPad. I would ask about this new model when ordering one for the new iPad.

I thought the Logitech Fold-up Keyboard Case would have the hardest time with the thicker iPad, and that is the case. The rigid plastic construction of this case means the new iPad will not snap into place at all, rendering it useless. I suspect Logitech is hard at work on a modified version.

The only one of the three cases that works without compromise is the Logitech Keyboard Case. The new iPad snaps into place for transport and easily comes out to use the keyboard. It works just as well as it did with the iPad 2, so this is currently the one I would recommend until the others get updated.