New iPhones to be a big hit in Hong Kong on Chinese demand

The newly released sets of iPhones are tipped to become a big hit in Hong Kong after mainland consumers vow to compete for the reasonable price tag with the locals.

Despite the price of Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus remaining unknown to Chinese consumers, with the mainland market being kicked out of the first-batch release map — a huge contrast to the launch of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iPad Air — Chinese consumers have been eyeing off Hong Kong once again, due to the attractive price tags of the new iPhones.

According to the updated Apple Hong Kong online store, the iPhone 6 16G model is priced at HK$5,588 ($721) this time, unchanged from the price tag of iPhone 5s 16G model on its Hong Kong launch last year. It is quite a big difference from the 5,288 yuan ($863) retail price for the same version suggested by China's second-largest carrier China Unicom last week.

iPhone 6 price

iPhone 6 Plus is priced from HK$6,388 ($824) for 16G of storage in Hong Kong, even cheaper than the iPhone 6 retail price on the mainland. China Unicom said the bigger "Plus" version is likely to be sold at 6,288 yuan ($1,026) for the lowest 16G model on the mainland.

Hong Kong, the duty-free harbour that used to offer Apple products priced in line with those in the US, saw a price lift for the iPhone 5 two years ago , after mainland consumers swarmed into the city for a better bargain. Products on the mainland are normally imposed various kinds of taxes, making them at least 20 percent pricier than those sold in Hong Kong.

Demand eased after Apple started selling new products on the Chinese mainland — its second-largest market in the world — in line with other countries and regions, including in the first territories to see releases such as Hong Kong, in a series of previous product launches.

However, as the mainland market is not marked on the September 19 sales calendar of the two new iPhones this time, and mainland carriers have warned of price hikes on these new smartphones, Chinese consumers are once again expected to compete for the goods with their compatriots in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

According to a Sina News survey which draws over 20,000 votes of Chinese netizens, about 32 percent of the respondents said they will purchase a new iPhone.