New Lenovo ThinkVision monitor ideal for mobile presentations

Lenovo's newest ThinkVision monitor is 14-inches and connects to laptops via USB.

Meeting-weary road warriors have a new tool to add to the arsenal: Lenovo's ThinkVision LT1421 Wide.

The 14-inch portable monitor hooks up to the company's ThinkPad notebooks, functioning as a second screen during impromptu presentations. When not in presentation mode, the device can simply act as extra screen space, a rare and valuable commodity for those who spend more time in the air than on the ground.

The device connects via USB, which also provides the necessary power for its 16 levels of brightness. Better make sure your laptop is plugged in, though, or else it's the fast track to a rapidly-drained battery. (But you've got a spare, right?)

At $219, the ThinkVision LT1421 Wide isn't the cheapest monitor for its size, but considering that it saves you the task of lugging around a projector, maybe that's not so bad.



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