New Logitech QuickCam Software Release (11.8)

Logitech has made QuickCam Software version 11.8 available.

Logitech has made QuickCam Software version 11.8 available. They seem to have followed the pattern that they did with the 11.7 release, for some reason trying to keep it "low key", not putting it in their FTP area, and not offering it for a lot of existing cameras when you go through the "download software" procedure on their support web page. I'm not sure why they are doing this, it's sort of like they don't want people with older cameras to use this newer software, even though this release (and the 11.7 release) fix a lot of long-standing and very irritating problems. The biggest of those are errors with the "Video Effects" features, and a problem which caused huge numbers of error events to be logged.

Of course the trend for a number of QuickCam software releases now has been to drop a few "older" cameras from each new release, but it still supports a good number of cameras, as can be seen from the supported cameras list posted by KachiWachi, the ever-present and always helpful Guru in the Logitech User Forum. Although the list is obviously getting shorter, it still goes back far enough to include my QuickCam for Notebooks Deluxe (the good old "tombstone" camera), but if I go through the procedure on the Logitech support page, it offers me QuickCam 11.5... very strange.

In fact, there is another reason that it can be worthwhile for those with older cameras to download this new release. Even if their camera is not supported with drivers in this release, they may need or want the newer QuickCam Software application. One of the very (VERY) smart software engineers at Logitech worked out a procedure which got integrated in the 11.5 release which saves any older Logitech camera drivers that it finds on your system first, placing them in a software package called 'Logitech Legacy Drivers", and then installs the new software. So older cameras continue to run with whatever drivers support them, and can use the new QuickCam application.

Ok, so, here's the trick. If you can't get 11.8 from their FTP server, and it isn't offered to you by the webcam software download procedure, how are you supposed to get it? Not too difficult - but of course, do this at your own risk. I have downloaded and installed it for my Notebook Deluxe, and it works just fine. Your mileage may vary... Go to the Logitech Support Downloads page. Choose "Product Type" webcam, and then for "Prodcut Name" choose one of the newest webcams (the Pro 9000 is a good candidate). Then go through the next few questions, and if it ends up offering you QuickCam 11.8, you're in business. If it offers some older version, go back and pick another camera, and try again.

Remember, if you have an "older" QuickCam that is not supported with drivers in the 11.8 release, DO NOT uninstall your old camera drivers before installing this release. If you're not sure, check the supported camera list mentioned above.

jw 22/8/2008