New low-cost Raspberry Pi released in Europe

The $25 Model A Raspberry Pi is available to buy in Europe, offering lower power consumption than the Model B.

A new cheaper version of the Raspberry Pi Linux computer is available to buy in Europe.

The Raspberry Pi Model A will sell for $25, $10 cheaper than the Model B that launched last year. The Model A doesn't have an Ethernet port, has 256MB of RAM — half that of the Model B — and one USB port.

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The board consumes roughly one-third of the power of the Model B. The low-power Model A is suited to being used as a media centre, for robotics or embedded computing,  Raspberry Pi Foundation chairman Eben Upton told ZDNet .

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized device and one of the lowest-cost computers available. It is powerful enough to stream 1080p video, browse the web or write documents, and it was designed to be portable. A number of distros of Linux run on the Raspberry Pi, including ArchLinux, Debian "wheezy" and Raspbian — a Pi-optimised version of Debian.

The board was designed as a computer that would be both cheap enough for kids to buy, in an effort to get more young people programming. However modders are using the board in a host of projects, from home automation to driving drones.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation says that it has sold close to one million boards since the Model B launched.

The Model A board costs $25 (£15.95) plus tax and shipping, and is available today through Farnell Element14 and RS Components in Europe and CPC in the UK and Ireland. Further countries will be added in the coming weeks.

Other Pi-related releases in the recent weeks include two circuit boards, the Gertboard and Pi-Face Digital, which make it easier for people to learn how to use the board to interact with the likes of motors, sensors and lights.