New Mac clipboard managers

There are a growing number of clipboard managers on the market, one it seems for almost any workflow.

New Mac clipboard managers
Image: CNET; Apple

Way back when, the original Mac and its successors popularized cut and paste and the Clipboard. It was all about a single clipboard and a single paste. However, there are a growing number of clipboard managers on the market that let users store and organize their clipboards, one it seems for almost any workflow.

The Macs in Chemistry blog recently mentioned two new clipboard managers: Paster by Kai Luo, and Collective 2 by Generation Loss Interactive. Interestingly, Paster uses iCloud for sync and supports Macs as well as iOS. 

Collective 2 offers a number of useful search capabilities that let you find words and items in your copy history. The software supports text and its formatting. Users can also examine the details of copied items, such as the number of words or characters, or the size of an image.

If you're interested in this category, Chris Swain at Macs in Chemistry offers a detailed list of most solutions. Currently, there are more than 20 titles in the list.

At a recent BMUGwest meeting, moderator Lorca Hanns recommended Jérémy Marchand's Clipboard Center, which creates lists of "captured items." If you have duplicates on a list, they will be merged.

I've never trusted these particular utility apps. For no good reason. I've always just lived with one cut/copy, one clipboard, and one paste at a time. Maybe it's time to go clipboard happy!