New MS support site looks like a Webzine

Microsoft yesterday went live with a new UK support Web site that it says is the blueprint for all its future sites.

Designed in a Webzine format, the UK Support site is intended to provide UK users with a single point of access to troubleshooting articles, tips, features, FAQs, software libraries, the Microsoft Knowledge Base and newsgroups.

"We have a lot of information that is available free and we wanted to make it more easily accessible," said Stuart Anderson, UK services marketing manager for Microsoft. "Previously you would have searched around a lot to find this data, and often you would have had to go to the US site. The sites that end up in Favourites are the ones that are easiest to navigate. "

To that end, the support site has a static left-side and top toolbar so "you don't have to keep hitting the Back button". Extensive use is made of white space and there are no frames.